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Genesis 950 Carpet Cleaner & Stain Remover in Martinsburg, West Virginia For Sale

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Over time, a once new carpet can look worn and used. Whether it be pets, kids or just general traffic, some carpet stains just never seem to go away. There are several ways to attempt to clean your carpet, but they can be expensive, a gamble, or just cause more frustration. Professional carpet cleaning can be over a hundred dollars. On top of that, you need to clear your schedule to be there when the cleaners can fit you in. Then when they do arrive, the gamble is whether their products will actually remove the stains. So many times, people pay the pros to remove stains, but find that once the cleaner has left and the carpet has dried, the stain is still there. You also have no idea what they are using to clean. Is it safe? Will it damage your carpet? There are a number of products on the market that claim to remove stains, this can be frustrating finding one that actually does. It can be even more frustrating when those cleaners bleach out your carpet or show marks from where you tried to clean with them. In frustration, many people start to feel their only option is to replace the carpet.
Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be expensive or frustrating. If you are ready to give up on your carpet, don't. Genesis 950 Concentrate just might be what you need to get rid of stains and make your carpet smell fresh and look new. Genesis 950 is unlike any other cleaner on the market. It is a surfactant based cleaner with no bleach, ammonia or unsafe chemicals. As a surfactant, Genesis 950 works to break the structural bonds of stains. In doing so, it lifts the stains from the surface and allows you to flush anything out of the carpet.
It does more then just remove stains though. Anti-bacterial agents in Genesis 950 kill germs, bacteria and mold that may be in the carpet or padding. This is idea for pet owners who run into an occasional accident. It is also a plus for anyone with children who may come in close contact with the carpeting. You don't have to worry about your kids crawling over anything that may be in the carpet that could cause illness. As a disinfectant, it will also remove pet dander, dust and allergens that lie within the carpet. This will ease anyone who is affected by allergies.
Genesis 950 also deodorizes. This is a huge factor for pet owners. Pets will often repeat accidents in the home if they smell urine in the carpet. By deodorizing the carpet as you clean, you will remove previous scents and prevent repeat accidents. Genesis 950 will also remove other scents from the carpet such as smoke, mustiness or other foul scents.
If you are looking to make your carpets look new and smell fresh, Genesis 950 works fantastic in any steam cleaner or carpet cleaning machine. In the event that you are planning on cleaning your entire home using such a cleaner, a 2.5 gallon cube of Genesis 950 is a huge savings when compared to the price of professional cleaning or replacing the carpet. You also know what you are putting into the carpet, that it is safe, and you can take the time to target the areas that concern you the most. If you are tired of the way your carpet looks and about to give up on it, DON'T!!!! Give Genesis 950 a try!
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